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the best laid plans…..

Recently, I took this photograph for Fairfield Insulation Co. Emily Johnson-Russo, of mootsa design was working up a marketing campaign for the company. By the way, Emily is terrific to work with and she is a great designer as well  – do check out her website and blog.

The company wanted to replicate an image that was taken in the early 1950’s, shown here:

We scouted out the location a few days ahead of time. The assignment was to shoot the employees in their warehouse space in Norwalk. The warehouse is a big, cavernous and dark space – a nightmare to take pictures in. There’s a large overhead door leading into the warehouse. My plan was to have the truck and the people right in the doorway so we could use the sun to partially light them. I’d fill in with strobe lights and shoot from the parking lot, about 30 feet from my subjects.

Everything was set and I felt comfortable with the plan for the shoot. But…

On the day of the shoot, it was raining – steadily. I couldn’t very well have my camera and lights out in the rain. So, we went to Plan B and moved everyone back towards the rear of the space, so I could get just inside the doorway. Thankfully the space was big enough to accommodate the move.

But I worried about having enough light. My big studio lights could have handled it easily, but what I brought with me were three small Nikon speedlights (SB 900’s). It took a while to figure the lighting setup, which is why I always come extra early for a shoot like this.  As shown above, we had plenty of light.

The Fairfield Insulation folks are a great group and act like a big, happy family. It was a pleasure and privilege to photograph them.

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