Renovation – Part One

by Blake Robinson

September 13th, 2014    4 Comments     Add Comment
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We’re in the middle of a renovation of our house. Like most renovations, it started with a seemingly simple plan – let’s knock down the wall between our kitchen and family room, open the area up and replace our appliances.

Well the project has gotten bigger! It includes a whole new HVAC system for the first floor, all new furniture, a nifty audio/video/internet system, new hardwood floors, and a bunch of other goodies. But first – the view above features our current meal preparation options. We have a coffee pot and microwave in our dining room (and the old fridge in the garage), paper plates and plastic cups and forks. It works fine.


We’re still in our dining room in this image. We have this snazzy plastic doorway with a zipper to keep the dust of the renovation out of the rest of the house. It works pretty well.


The is view from our old kitchen space, now opened up to the family room.




This is part of the kitchen design plan. The new kitchen extends into the family room a bit. As shown, we’ll have two islands.  These plans are hard for me to read, but I have every confidence that our builder knows how to read them! The general contractor is Brian Dean of Bryan and Brian.  Brian and all his subs are doing a terrific job for us.



This is a side view, with the old kitchen space to the left and the family room to the right. The support beam that was installed where the old wall stood starts in the upper right corner. It is a sandwich of wood-steel-steel-wood, 17 feet long. I took a very long walk when they were getting this baby in place. You can see some of the crafty electrical and plumbing work in the ceiling – lots of stuff had to be rerouted.  About the only things is this photo I comprehend are the broom and the shovel.


We have a lot of scenes like this. These wires will all find something useful to do before long, right Brian?



This is the view from the family room looking back towards the old kitchen space. The pink sponge painting on the wall will be covered over with something more grownup in a few short weeks.

The view out to our backyard, below, remains the same. But now, we’ll be able to enjoy it from a more more comfortable and classy space.

Stay tuned for some pictures of everything finished – sometime in October.

Working both in the studio and on location, photographer Blake Robinson serves the Connecticut communities of Darien, New Canaan, Stamford, Norwalk, Westport and Greenwich.
“Individual, Indelible, Iconic Images”


4 Responses

  1. Judy Fowler says:

    Blake, these are really good photographs. What a massive job. You’ve captured the total craziness of renovation.
    Thank you for sharing,

  2. Sandy McDonnell says:

    The zipper is brilliant! This lawn is crying out for a lap pool, don’t you think–there’s a reason for you showing this view to us!!! Can’t wait to see finished–even more brilliant is combining kitchen and family room!!!

  3. […] renovation is (almost!) over. If you missed the blog post from early in the process, see Renovation-Part One. We began in mid August and so it’s been about 3 months. We’re letting go of the […]


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