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Our renovation is (almost!) over. If you missed the blog post from early in the process, see Renovation-Part One. We began in mid August and so it’s been about 3 months. We’re letting go of the memories of dust and just enjoying the space now. These are pendant lights over one of the two islands in our kitchen.


This is the view from our family room back towards the kitchen. We knocked down the wall between the kitchen and this room to open up the space. “Knocking down the wall” sounds easy, but it involved new steel beams and moving lots of wires and pipes.  Still not quite sure how our general contractor, Brian Dean, of Bryan & Brian, pulled this off, but did.


This is a view from the kitchen over the two islands out towards the family room. The chairs on the far left are waiting for their table – hopefully coming next week.


This view is across the family room, with part of the kitchen on the left. it’s hard to see unless you click to enlarge the picture (subtle hint), but at the top you can see our Big Ass Fan. That’s really the brand name.


In this image, you can see part of the dining room through the kitchen on the right, and our front hall on the left. It’s great that we can now sit in our dining room and see all the way to the back yard.  But we love eating at the island, so we may never use the dining room again.


Shooting interior spaces is tough, because of the mix of light. In the picture above, note the blue cast to the natural light on the right half, and warm tones in the kitchen from the halogen lights. If this were a project for a client, I’d work the light a bit differently.  But these images are just for me – and for you!

Stay tuned for more pictures in a day or so. My good friend Teddy (age 7) has been faithfully blowing the leaves off our deck, but I see in this last image below it’s time for him to come back!

Working both in the studio and on location, photographer Blake Robinson serves the Connecticut communities of Darien, New Canaan, Stamford, Norwalk, Westport and Greenwich.

“Individual, Indelible, Iconic Images”


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  1. […] We’ve just finished a renovation of our kitchen and family room. If you missed my blog post of yesterday, probably good to go here first:  Renovation Over – Almost! […]

  2. Charlotte Andrews says:

    What a Transformation of a space:glorios.How light it is,and the placement of the overhead lights! The colors:it looks like a summerplace,but at the sametime cozy,Wish you very many happy parties and comfortable Dinners à deux! Now,when the Kabinetts in the kitchen are done you have to photograph them with the doors closed and open,to see the organization of you know who! Thank you for the tour.CA

  3. Linda Robinson says:

    Blake and Marjorie,
    Others have articulated better. It is gorgeous! Nice pictures too. Looks like you’re set up for lots of big party’s! (:-)) Can’t wait to see it in person. LL

  4. Danielle says:

    Incredible. You get to live in that wonderful space. Lucky you!

  5. Maira says:

    Wow Blake! That kitchen and family room is just spectacular.
    I’m jealous.

  6. Sara says:

    Nice to see it was well worth the wait! Thank you for sharing these amazing photos, which I am sure was not easy to take given the different lighting coming in from the windows.
    Now sit back and enjoy the view as it changes with the winter snow! Does Teddy do snow shoveling too?

  7. Tininha says:

    Dear Blake and Marjorie,
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment in your lives. I can see love!
    Love from the photographer eyes who catches the harmony in the air.
    Love from Marjorie who choose blue, her favorite color, to decorate the living room in so elegant way!
    Love from the architect/ designer who had the idea to interact the living room and the garden together trough a glass wall.
    With so much love and care I wish you both many many years of happiness.
    Love you both, Tininha

    • Blake Robinson says:

      thanks so much, Tininha, your words are beautiful. we feel very lucky and blessed! hope you see you two over the holidays!

  8. Halley says:

    Wow, Blake! I am in awe…seriously, this is gorgeous. You did a fantastic job. I don’t recognize the old house at all! Can’t wait to visit!

  9. tessa says:

    so light and airy… looks like a completely new house. congratulations on a job well done.. did you send it to chloe?

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