pictures from in and around Santa Fe

I’ve just finished a week in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on a terrific workshop with Marti Jeffers.  Tonight we’ll post a few images I took during the week. The picture above was taken near Georgia O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch. Although I used a polarizing filter to punch up the color of the sky, it really was a rich blue. The light in this area is amazing and one can see how O’Keeffe chose this as a place to live and paint.

This is an abandoned building near Taos. It has apparently been for sale for many years. I have to be honest and say there was only one bird in the picture – I added a second one in Photoshop.

This was the exterior of a fancy hotel in Santa Fe. The luminaries are common throughout Santa Fe, as are, of course, adobe structures. For this image, I used a wide-angle lens and positioned the camera just a few inches away from the big luminary.

The sunsets in Northern New Mexico are fabulous. It may be the altitude and the dry air. This shot was taken on a hill overlooking Santa Fe. I haven’t shot many sunsets and vow to do more. You have to work fast, as the light changes very quickly.

And finally, below, taken back at The Ghost Ranch, is an image that includes a silhouette of your humble servant. As always, thanks for reading my blog posts!

5 Responses

  1. Great work as usual, Blake. It looks like you are having some amazing experiences!

  2. Brother Blake You just gkeep getting better and better! This area of Santa fe and particularly Taos was and is still one of my most favorite places. I quess if you are born in the desert country it never leaves you. Onward and upward friend!
    Blessings clark

  3. thanks, Clarkie. I sure thought of you a lot out there, esp. when I saw some “real” cowboys!

  4. Judy says:

    Blake, that sunset is amazing, awesome! Please continue doing them. the balance of the composition and the colors are perfection.
    Congratulations, Judy


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