photographing artwork – part two

I’ve been shooting a fair amount of artwork recently.  As discussed in this recent post, I photographed  a very small painting – less than six inches across. This painting above is much larger, over 5 feet across.

My friends, Bill and Debbie Nightingale,  own the painting. The artist is Ben Jones.  The painting will be the featured piece in an exhibit of Jones’ work this Spring,  at the Washington County Museum of  Fine Arts, in Hagerstown, Maryland.  The photograph will be used in the catalog for the exhibit.

There were some interesting challenges in shooting this painting. It hangs in the Nightingale dining room and was too large to move. To get back far enough to shoot it properly, we noticed the chandelier was in the way. Bill and I wired the chandelier up close to the ceiling, just making room for a clear view from the camera.  I used two lights, trying to light the canvas evenly, but still provide some highlights and interest to the frame.

Apparently the artist has tried to buy the piece back several times. I’m not surprised – it’s an extraordinary work of art.

2 Responses

  1. Wow, Blake, what a challenge. You did a great job with it. Have you ever had to shoot artwork that was already framed under glass?


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