My Anhinga Friend

by Blake Robinson

September 22nd, 2019    0 Comments     Add Comment
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This weekend, I went to Jarvis Creek Park here on Hilton Head Island, looking for birds. I found this anhinga, perched on a branch at the water’s edge. Having been coached by some of the local Audubon Club members, I tried to approach him very slowly, giving him (him?) a chance to get comfortable with me. After just a few minutes, I was within about 10 feet of this amazing bird.

Occasionally he would look over at me, but mostly he was just looking out over the pond or cleaning his feathers.

It’s fun to imagine what a bird might be thinking, such as, “What is that guy doing with that black metal thing that keeps making a clicking sound?”

After a while, he got bored and took off, looking for fish in the pond for dinner. Thank you, my new friend, for posing for me.

Working both in the studio and on location, photographer Blake Robinson serves Hilton Head Island, Bluffton and the other communities of Beaufort County, South Carolina.

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