Looking at People Looking at Art

by Blake Robinson

December 7th, 2018    2 Comments     Add Comment
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It’s great fun to watch – and photograph – people interacting with art. One of my favorite places to do this is the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. We were there last week. 

My rules are as follows: 1) Don’t let the subjects know you are photographing them,  2) try to just get the person or persons in the frame (with the art) without any extra people, and 3) imagine what the person is thinking about the art. 

This young man above was studying the Marc Chagall painting intently – and probably thinking to himself- Huh???

With this couple looking at one of my favorite Henri Rousseau paintings, I imagine the man is trying to explain the meaning of the piece to his girlfriend, but she has a bit of a skeptical look on her face – like – Do you really know what you are talking about?

This woman spent a lot of time trying to figure out this Rene Magritte painting. Here she is nose-to-nose with the hooded figure. Notice how close she is to the work – I expected a guard to come over and yell at her to back away. I’m hoping her close proximity gave her some clarity about the painting’s meaning!

The boy below was hamming it up for his friend, who was taking an iPhone picture of him off to my right.  The boy’s shirt is about the same color as the painting. And, by covering his face, he was perhaps trying to present a blank picture – much as he perceived the painting behind him. 

Can you see how much fun this is for me?

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2 Responses

  1. Nancy says:

    Really great post, Blake!! And such a fun engaging topic, you got some wonderful shots here. Terrif’!!!!


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