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Last week, My friend Florena and I did a photoshoot in the studio, creating a wide variety of images. This blog post will just show some of the beauty images. Stay tuned for other photographs from our day of shooting.

In the first picture, above, we used fairly traditional lighting to create a flattering beauty shot. A light mounted on a circular “beauty dish” is just above the frame, aimed down at a 45 degree angle. There are two lights aimed at the white paper background behind Flo, creating the highlights on the sides of her hair. Finally, I used a white reflector just out of sight below to bounce more light into her face. Traditionally, a image like this is shot square on to the subject, with everything perfectly straight to camera. I actually like the slight tilt in Flo’s head and turn of her shoulders – it gives a more feminine feel to the photograph.



This is a closeup detail of the the first image. I took the picture at an aperture of F4, resulting in a very narrow depth of field. As you can see, the eyes are very sharp but the focus falls off quickly and the hair, ear and earrings are very soft. The narrow depth of field keeps the viewer’s attention on the eyes.  This is a subtle aspect of the picture; you may not have even noticed it when first viewing the full image above. Did you? I’d love to hear!


Just enclosing two more fun shots of Flo with the same lighting. She is a lovely model and a joy to work with. I’ll be posting more pictures from our shoot in the next few days.

Working both in the studio and on location, photographer Blake Robinson serves the Connecticut communities of Darien, New Canaan, Stamford, Norwalk, Westport and Greenwich.
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