Charleston History

by Blake Robinson

December 19th, 2017    0 Comments     Add Comment
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Last weekend, we traveled to Charleston, one of our favorite places in our new Low Country surroundings.  This is the Nathaniel Russell House, built in the early 1800’s. By the way, please click on each image, to see it LARGER and clearer. 

This cantilevered three-story staircase is a marvel – there are no nails in it, and each step rests on the one below. When they were renovating the house, experts were brought in to look at the staircase and see what might be done to strengthen it. All the experts replied – “Just leave it alone!”

The house cost about $80,000 to build over five years, at a time when the average house was valued at under $300. 

Mr. Russell had been a British loyalist in the period leading up to the Revolutionary War. He wisely chose to go to England during the war. On his return, the Charleston town fathers made him wait on his ship in the harbor for two months, deciding whether to let him back into the city. They finally did. Likely still feeling on somewhat tenuous ground, Russell made another wise move – he married a woman from one of the best families in Charleston. He became “one of us!”

To read more about this historic house, see Nathaniel Russell House

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