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Family Portraits

by Blake Robinson

September 12th, 2011    0 Comments     Add Comment
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Recently, I photographed one of my favorite client families. Well, to be completely precise, family plus one significant other.  We had a wonderful setting – the woods, some massive and expressive rocks, and a pleasant, balmy late afternoon  in August.  It’s great fun for me to get out of the studio every once in a while – especially to work with such terrific friends.                                                                                     

In addition to shots of various groupings, we did individual portraits of each person. I’ve included one of the portraits as the closing image below. Gentle reader, it’s not too early to be thinking about the photography for your holiday card. I’m ready when you are!

video critique of family portrait

Today, this family portrait of mine was critiqued by Craig Tanner of The Mindful Eye. Craig has been an important mentor and teacher – and friend. I’ve taken two workshops with him and hope to take more. His website is a terrific free resource of inspiration and teaching about photography.

Here’s the video:

Vacation Bible School

by Blake Robinson

July 4th, 2011    1 Comment     Add Comment
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Last week at my church, Saint Luke’s Parish in Darien, CT, we had a Vacation Bible School, with kids from our church as well as children from several surrounding communities. Some of the kids came from nearby homeless shelters. What an amazing week – 250 kids, doing crafts, singing, learning a little bit about faith, getting to know one another and just having fun.

I had the privilege of photographing each of the 14 “tribes” – the Asher tribe is shown above.  And I also shot, from a rooftop, the whole VBS community, as shown below.