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This past fall, I had the privilege of doing a project for Joe Bruno of Darien Woodworking. Joe designs and builds beautiful custom-made cabinetry and millwork. We photographed some of his creations in four gorgeous houses in Fairfield County, for Joe’s website and marketing materials.


I’ve done some architectural photography, but I leaned heavily for advice on my good friend, Will Austin, a Seattle-based photographer who specializes in architectural photography. Thanks so much for your invaluable help, Will!


Shooting architecture is hard! You want to be sure your vertical lines are – vertical. Then there are all the usual issues of composition, exposure, perspective and color balance. The goal was to represent Joe’s work in the best possible “light.”  I was assisted in the shoot by Joe’s wife, Gretchen, a partner at 341 Studios, who helped with styling the images, providing another creative eye, holding lights and a host of other things. Many thanks, Gretchen!


These homes are lived in. This added a bit of stress – we obviously wanted to be careful not to disturb (or – gulp – break!) any of the possessions as we moved around with light stands, tripods, etc.  Also, we wanted to work fairly quickly so we didn’t impose too much on the homeowners’ time. But everyone was truly gracious, accommodating and friendly.


I learned a lot on these shoots and look forward to doing more architectural work. Thanks, Joe, for the opportunity. I hope the images will help you land a lot of new work in 2014 and beyond!

Working both in the studio and on location, photographer Blake Robinson serves the Connecticut communities of Darien, New Canaan, Stamford, Norwalk, Westport and Greenwich.

“Individual, Indelible, Iconic Images”




2 Responses

  1. Will says:

    Very nice Blake!!!

  2. Michael Ehringhaus says:

    Wonderful use and combination of lines, proximity, perspective, and color. Very clean and visually enticing photographs. In a sense, you’ve made portraits of architecture. Nice.


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